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aaaw shit...

say that AGAIN!

the bloggin bitches!
none of your damn business
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this is a community where lj bitches can bitch about anything*, talk smack, start some shit, GO OFF! if you've got something or someone you need to rant about, join and share the hate! colorful and creative language is respected and encouraged!

*the bloggin bitches do recognize theres a world of things to hate on, but please remember making sweeping generalizations about any one community is at your own discretion and yo ass will be called out on it! if u start a flame war i will cut you!!!

bitch slapping, bitterness, bullshit!, dumbass!, eat shit and die, evil ass bitches, ew., face smackin, gross., hair pullin, haternation, haters, hatorade, hobag, i hate you, oh no you din't, public stoning, shame!shame!, shit talking, shutup!, stfu, stupid people, ugh., uglyass, wtf, wtf?!?, yo mama